February Fundraiser

Cultured Kids cannot wait to break into the Washington DC area and is eager to expand our programs in the Boston area as well. In order to do that we need your help! Please join us as we reach daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

  • Daily Dollar Donation

    It is our goal to secure 100 – $1 donations every day this month. If you join us by donating a $1 please join us in asking at least 10 friends to donate a $1 as well.

  • $5,000 each week in February

    The idea of raising $20,000 is a bit overwhelming so we have broken it down a bit. We have many donation levels to choose from and also gifts that will come your way as a “Thank You!”

  • Monthly Donor Program

    We love having consistent support from donors and have created a monthly donor program. Our survival and ability to expand will not happen without you and it is our goal to make sure you are properly honored for all that you do.

All of us here at Cultured Kids want to say

                     “Thank You!”







  • Three years from now the entire youth population (0-18 yrs.) in America is expected to be a minority-majority population.
  • This same characteristic is expected to represent the entire US population by 2044

-US Census Bureau

Cultured Kids is passionate about making multicultural education a priority within our rapidly diversifying nation and see this cause as one that will bring lasting unity to this nation through the next generation.

Cultured Kids believes that children should be…

  • encouraged to explore diversity
  • curious and allowed to ask questions
  • acknowledging differences and embracing them
  • experiencing each others customs and traditions first hand

Cultured Kids provides a variety of programs that allow children, families, and communities to do all of the above. We believe that prioritizing a multi-cultural education for youth today will develop stronger world leaders and global citizens for tomorrow. We believe these qualities are the key to breaking down the barriers that divide us and building bridges in their stead.