Cultured Kids

Our Mission

We develop innovative education programs and curricula to promote a shared pursuit of unifying global communities and embracing cultural differences.

Continuous Exploration

A safe space to nourish each child's curiosity, allowing them to ask questions, and to explore. We encourage these pursuits while remaining grounded on the wholeness of humanity.

Active Participation

Programs that bring a variety of global customs, international cuisine, and world festivals into the classroom to engage and enlighten each child. Hand-on activities shape unique learning experiences and unforgettable memories for the children.

Individual and Community Development

Empowering children to share their own unique culture and ethnicity; instilling them with pride and self confidence while also strengthening cultural empathy, understanding, and respect within the community. 

Our Solution


Our research contributes to our the development of new curricula and will contribute to impact measurement. 


Our interdisciplinary curricula is designed with the future children and future jobs in mind. 


Because every school, institution, or community is different, our goal is to support our partners by creating curricula that is best suited for their own unique culture.

Our Progress

In only two years we have been able to serve more than 400 children.


Cities Served


Institutions Supported


Programs Completed


Children Reached

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Our team is consistently seeking interns and volunteers to contribute to research, program and curricula development, communications, fundraising, and non-profit management. 

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We are looking for professionals who are passionate about our cause to help us reach our goals.
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As a young and emerging non-profit organization we are eager to expand our network and strengthen our board. We recognize the importance of community and know that our success will be based on the strength of these professional and personal relationships. 

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There are a variety of projects to sponsor: multicultural workshops, week long summer camps, our Art & Storytelling curricula, project based learning curricula, or events.

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