Children need to be equipped and prepared to navigate through our rapidly changing and diversifying world, which is why we value the work of Cultured Kids so highly.   Through its “Passport Programs” and “Summer Festival Programs,” Cultured Kids brings children into rich and stimulating learning environments that foster engagement with the languages, customs, cuisine and cultures of the world.  The staff is thoroughly professional, very creative and highly reliable, and clearly loves fulfilling its mission of helping kids become more at home in the world. Our church was greatly privileged to partner with them, and we commend their organization and work highly and enthusiastically!

-Brian Emmett Lead Pastor, Covenant Church

Wendy Sanford

I have loved Michelle’s presence here in our cohousing community. She is creative, organized, generous, capable, thoughtful, and big-hearted. She enjoys taking on a big project – be it a delicious brunch to entice co-housers to join in on a community work day, or a week-long summer camp for youngsters who wouldn’t get that opportunity otherwise – and she has great follow-through. When she catered my 70th birthday party, every part of the planning was a pleasure for me, the food was delicious and beautifully presented (including special gluten-free dishes), and she left the place absolutely clean. In short, Michelle is a blessing!

Wendy and Polly
Van Heusen Family

Michelle Goldshlag often babysits our one and four year old boys but she has done so much more than that! The kids respond to her in only a way a good heart is indisputably visible to a young person. Immediate trust, respect, and fun are the result.

Michelle has been around children her whole life. She was one of six children growing up and now has thirteen nieces and nephews. She has a clear passion to teach and develop young people with a unique brand of fundamental basics, cultural perspective, and foundational faith. Though her education and experiences give her the credentials, her heart, passion, and faith give her the ability!

Sean and Yuliya Van Heusen
Orapin Siriwilairak

Michelle is a close friend of mine, and I am joyfully anticipating the programs that Cultured Kids will have. My daughter participated in a summer camp program a couple of years ago that Michelle was director of, and I thought Michelle did a wonderful job running the program and caring for the children. Michelle is responsible, energetic, creative, and loves children, and I’m sure Cultured Kids will reflect that. I am so excited to be able to send my kids to a program that teaches cultural diversity and an international perspective. I want my kids to have an open mind, to learn about and embrace cultures that are different from their own. Thank you, Michelle, for offering something truly unique and valuable.

Orapin SiriwilairakParent, Cambridge, MA
The Aitchison Family

I have known Michelle my whole life; she is one of those people you always want to be around and want your kids to be around too; she exudes creativity! Her creativity started as a child developing unique meals and desserts in the kitchen. She is also a gifted writer, offering words that are insightful, clever, humorous and heartfelt. Most importantly her creativity extends into the art world where she has explored photography, painting, and a variety of other mediums. As an art major in college she created pieces that were beautiful and thought provoking.

Michelle’s current pursuits provide her the opportunity to pass along all facets of her creativity onto the next generation. Whether she is helping children make granola or bubble gum, encouraging them to develop their own muffin or cookie recipes, or leading them in their latest fine art masterpiece, she is instilling them with confidence and individuality.

I have walked along side Michelle as she shepherded children through a variety of art projects including paper mâché, sculpting, collage, and painting. I am in awe of her desire and drive to develop this business and educational curricula. It is a blessing that she is using her gifts to connect other children to places around the world. I am sure Cultured Kids will have the children engaged and wanting more. I am excited and look forward to signing my kids up!

Laura and Robb Aitchison
Jaclyn Widenmaier

In the Spring and Summer of 2012, I had the honor and privilege of working alongside Michelle Goldshlag as we coordinated a summer arts camp. Working completely from scratch, Michelle developed an excellent, age appropriate curriculum which was engaging for kids from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Being trained in the arts, she creatively teaches concepts and information in a way that kids understand and remember. As a mom, I know how difficult, yet important, it is to have this skill.

Not only is Michelle capable and trustworthy as a coordinator, program planner and curriculum developer, she is also extremely caring and professional in her interactions with participants, families and volunteers/staff members. I would be honored to work with her again knowing that she considers every detail in order to make it the best possible experience for children and their families.

Jaclyn Widenmaier
Elisa Van Voorhis

My children have worked with Michelle in various settings for many years and grown so much through their relationship with her. She has taught them not only about art, culture and cooking but also about what it means to be a friend and part of a community. In her camp that my daughter attended, she provided a safe and nurturing space where my daughter could learn and experiment with art, music and movement. As a teacher, I have also brought my high school students to work with Michelle. She instructed them in new art techniques and provided them with an environment that was student-driven and encouraged creativity and exploration.  I cannot say enough good things about her and the experiences she provides for kids of all ages.

Elisa Van Voorhis