Services Available

Our programs are uniquely designed to interweave a variety of art mediums along side science, history, geography, and other areas of study to offer your child a well-rounded view of the world.

Summer festival programs provide children a day camp experience that teaches culture through a specific world festival. We use the festival as a launching point for exploring that particular region.

Workshops can be scheduled in 1or 3 hour increments. Each workshop has a specific theme and focuses on a specific cultural elements within that theme. Our workshops offer a wide range of projects and activities in order to appeal to all children. We are constantly developing new workshops and are also available to create lessons that focus on any area or culture.

Passport Programs provide a series of workshops scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis. Children are provided a Cultured Kids Passport and collect stamps from each region as we “journey” together. Clients can choose from an extensive list of workshops available. We encourage choosing at least one workshop from each continent.

Pop-up Workshops provide a specific activity for a larger crowd to accompany an event. We can provide enough time and materials to accommodate each group as needed.

Cultural Events create an opportunity for children, families, and communities to get together and explore a specific region or culture. These events are carried out in a variety of ways and can be used as community building activities, community outreach for local business es and organizations, or as fundraising events for our organization.

Specialized Curricula – All of Cultured Kids workshop and programs are uniquely and creatively designed by the organization itself. We create lessons that are engaging, fun, and educational. Our lessons are age and developmentally appropriate to our audience. We take great pride in what we have created and what we continue to create. We are available to any school, business, or organization to create a curricula that meets your individual needs or desires.