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“The Way of Tea” Workshop on June 11th @ Ready, Set, Kids!


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June 11th 2017

Ages 3 – 5 years: 10am – 11am
Ages 6 – 9 years: 11am – 12pm

Asia produces more than half of the world’s tea. While China is the leading producer of tea (producing about 30-35% or the worlds tea) Japan is in the top ten, producing about 85,000 tonnes of tea annually! However, the majority of the tea Japan produces stays within Japan. They export less than 2% annually.

“The Way of Tea” is a term used to describe tea culture in Japan. The study and execution of formal and informal tea ceremonies is an art and a spiritual practice. During this workshop children will be lead through an informal and non-traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. Children will also be provided the opportunity to try sushi, see and smell a variety of loose leaf tea, and package up their own tea bags to take home.

In addition children will complete their Cultured Kids book pages and be provided a stamped Cultured Kids Passport.

The structure and flow of this class is very much the same for both age groups. However, the manner in which the content is delivered, the time in between specific activities, and the execution will be done differently to fit the needs of each age group.

* This workshop is a part of a four week Passport Program. If you are interested in signing your child(ren) up for the entire program please click the link provided.