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Cocoa Creation Workshop on June 25th @ Ready, Set, Kids!


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June 25th 2017

Ages 3 – 5 years: 10am – 11am
Ages 6 – 9 years: 11am – 12pm

Mexico is where cocoa was first discovered and is one of the top ten distributers of Cocoa. During this workshop we take children on a journey to Mexico to learn about the challenges and numerous variables that can affect the Cocoa crop. This workshop draws from a wonderful book called, No Monkeys, No Chocolate, that was written by Melissa Stewart and Allen Young.

Ages 3-5 years 

Our younger group can expect to be brought through an interactive story time with puppets. Through the story they will learn about the variety of animals involved in bringing a cocoa seedling into its adult seed bearing phase. They will also be able to try a variety of chocolates and hear about how chocolate was brought to the US.

Children will all be provided an opportunity to create their own puppet to bring home and will also bring home Cultured Kids book pages and a stamped Cultured Kids Passport.


For our older group we take a more educational approach to the story. Children are challenged to understand the meaning of a symbiotic relationship. There are two book worms in the story that reiterate facts and information throughout the book. We encourage children to take on the book worm identity as we read, taking turns reading comments that the books worms make on each page. This interactive reading process keeps students engaged, develops confidence, and improves reading skills. In some cases our puppets may also make an appearance.

Children will also take a more scientific approach to our chocolate taste test. They will enter into the taste test as scientists and will be provided a log to gather data and record research. In the end they will decided which chocolate was most bitter, sweet, milk, dark, etc. Aside from tasting sweet and bitter chocolate we will also introduce them to salty and sour as well.

Children will go home with their Cultured Kids book pages, their scientific research sheet, and their stamped Cultured Kids Passport.

* This workshop is a part of a four week Passport Program. If you are interested in signing your child(ren) up for the entire program please click the link provided.