PBL with a Purpose

"My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together." 

- His Holiness Desmond Tutu

We believe that education organizations can provide the support schools presently need and that proven results could be the catalyst for change that the system requires. 

According to the Buck Institute for Education, Project Based Learning (PBL) is a method of teaching that presents authentic and complex questions to engage students over a prolonged period of time. This style of learning is meant to challenge creativity, collaboration, leadership, research, knowledge, understanding, prolonged inquiry, and often results in a public product. 

The PBL curricula we are developing will bridge the community-school gap, challenge students' intercultural communication skills, empathy, and humanitarianism, and education youth on the UN-SDGs. We will adopt each school, class, or individual as one of our Ambassadors for Change and connect them to one of our Project Partners providing the real world problem. Kids For Kids is one of the ways we are preparing youth for remarkable professional, social, and personal success. 

Our Current Stage of Development

Gathering Our Team

We currently have three professions: Laura Toma - an education consultant in the UAE - and Jennifer Sleboda, a capacity building professional and Brian Carson, a veterinarian both in Fairfax County.  Together we are conducting research and working on developing a framework for the curricula.

If you are an experienced PBL educator, or in fields relating to: Intercultural Communication, Education Leadership, Administration, Curricula Development, Research, or serving an institution that is supporting the UN-SDG's lets talk!

Please contact Michelle Goldshlag if you are interested in supporting this project.


Our objective is to support local communities, schools, and individuals. It is important for us to consider the Common Core State Standards and individual state and/or district initiatives to create projects that can be easily integrated into any classroom.  

Ultimately, we want to design a program that is applicable, measurable, and scalable in order to support any school community. We would love to connect with school administrators, teachers, and/or parents to hear more about how Project Based Learning has impacted your learning culture.  Coffee is on us! 


While many of our team members will be working on a volunteer basis we will have to account for the staff hours, materials, and operational costs needed to develop this program and then implement it.

We are consistently seeking individual public contributions to support at least one third of our organization's needs. Please consider making a donation towards this project and/or gathering a fundraising team to help us reach our goals.

What can my class expect from this program?

Cultured Kids Representative

A representative from our organization will be available to your class throughout the duration of the project. We will provide the materials needed to introduce the project to each class and in some cases be present to introduce the project ourselves. 

Where applicable, our organization will provide specific job titles and descriptions required to complete the project. We will accept resumes and cover letters from students for said positions and conduct interviews to "hire" team leaders. 

All classes will be able to schedule meetings and interviews with your Cultured Kids representative. Your representative will also be available for consultation with the teacher as well. 

Project Partner Representative

Cultured Kids has a personal relationship with our Project Partners. In order to participate in this program they have agreed to provide a representative from their community to serve as a liaison for our Ambassadors. Each class will be provided contact information for the Project Partner they are working for. If possible they will be present to introduce the project and to be presented the defined solution. 

While communication with our project partners in developing regions is sometimes difficult due to lack of internet access, electricity, poor connection, different accents, or different word choices, this will challenge students intercultural communication skills. We believe these challenges will put students in a better position to succeed in their future working environment. 

Resources for Prolonged Research

Research is important for student work within a project based learning environment. We will provide each teacher a list of resources to help guide his/her students on the path of discovery. The resources provided will include, but are not limited to: books, websites, and subject matter specialists who have agreed to support this project. 

The resources provided will have four objectives: 

  1. To support prolonged inquiry within the classroom. 
  2. To guide students toward possible solutions.
  3. To foster greater cultural empathy and understanding.
  4. To empower students to believe they are capable of making a global impact.

Project Outline & Benchmarks

Each class participating as an Ambassador for Change will be unique. We are willing to mold our projects to best fit your classroom environment (age, size, desired discipline, etc). Each teacher will receive a project outline, lesson plan, project timeline, recommended questions to help teachers guide students, and ideas for public products. 

This information is being provided as a guide to help support the project. It is important to remember that our goal is to encourage students to develop a product/solution on their own through creative thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. In the end your class may create something that looks different than the outline we provided you. Your project representatives will be able to assist you along the way. 

Our Project Partners

Our partners are a part of our family. If you are a part of a non-profit organization that is interested in working with us please contact us on the form below.

Foster Initiatives for Community Development (FIFCODE)

Ithungu Peregia is a mother of four beautiful children and recent MPH graduate from Mountains of the Moon University in Uganda. She founded FIFCODE in 2010 in order to support her village in Kampala. Cultured Kids has been supporting FIFCODE since our founding. Working with and for FIFCODE will contribute to supporting youth in the following areas: HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment, Clean Drinking Water, Medical Care, Education, and Food/Nutrition.

Click to support FIFCODE's efforts to transform lives

Aces World - Pads for Learning

Aces World is working to accelerate an end to global poverty by removing components that hinder youth from a quality education. They are seeking partnerships with organizations and individuals that will advocate for shared prosperity. Cultured Kids is excited to partner with Aces World on various projects that will create a greater social impact.

Join us by purchasing items made by a women collective in Kampala. Each item will provide a pair of shoes for a girl in Uganda. 

Upendo Program

The Upendo program in Nairobi, Kenya provides access to a quality education, medical care, proper nutrition, and psychosocial support to orphans and vulnerable children.  Currently there are 100,000 people living in the slums of Nairobi without clean drinking water, proper sanitation, and nutrition.

The Upendo Program has the financial resources to bring in 30 new orphans annually but they have the space for 50. The process by which they select the most dire orphans is grueling and devastating. This program will help Upendo increase funding, and in conjunction, annual enrollment. Once we have reached annual capacity we will work toward expanding their infrastructure and programs to reach even more children.

OUR Ambassadors For Change

High School Students, Educators, and District Leaders will become our Ambassadors for Change as we word together to make the world a better place while also enhancing the 21st century skills needed to succeed in the professional environment that awaits. 

We have three schools so far that are interested in piloting this program in the fall of 2019. Please join us by supporting the development of this project or becoming one of our Ambassador's for Change.  

Contact Us

We will always be seeking new Project Partners, Ambassadors, and Subject Matter Specialists to grow our Kids For Kids program. Please let us know how you can support this program or how we can support you.