Upcoming Events

Connecting With Uganda Workshop

Thursday October 12th @ 6pm - Medford Public Library 

A free workshop for elementary age children. Sponsored by the Medford Cultural Council.

For your child's participation, registration is required through the Medford Public Library

Through our project partners for the Kids For Kids Program who also support our multicultural education programs, we provide materials to connect children in The Greater Boston Area to children in Uganda.  

During this workshop children receive a letter and picture from a child who lives in Western Uganda. These letters open a door to discussion about cultural differences. Participants will also read Beatrice's Goat by Page BcBrier, share how our organization supports widows and orphans in this developing region and invite the children to join our Humanitarian Team. 

Finally, each child will be given time to write a letter or draw a picture for another child that we will mail back, and get a stamped Cultured Kids Passport. 

Colors of India: Meenakshi Temple Workshop

Thursday October 26th @ 6pm - Medford Public Library 

Whether we consider the vibrant saris and tunics, the pigments at the Elephant & Holi Fetival, or the intricacies of India's tapestries and architecture, we can see that color is big part of their culture.

During this workshop we will learn about the geography and population in India when compared to the US, learn about the dwindling population of India's elephants, and will "journey" to Tamil Nadu, India to explore the Meenakshi Temple. 

Children will be provided materials to create their own colorful gopuram (tower), will be able to eat naan and lentils, complete an activity page, and go home with their completed project and a Cultured Kids passport. 

This program is for elementary age children. There is no fee for this working but registration is required through the Medford Public Library

History of Halloween Pop-Up Workshop

Saturday October 28th @ 10am - Boston Public Library Guastavino Hall

While we like to participate in Halloween Festivities we are more interested in how these festivities came to be.

Join us for one of our pop-up workshops at the Boston Book Festival.  This program will give children a glimpse into Halloween's past, the path that it has taken through time, who contributed to the custom that we participate in today, and how this custom was brought to America. 

Children will decorate their own potato (yes you did read that correct), explore literature related to our topic, receive a free bookmark, and use our Halloween photo props to enter our History of Halloween photo contest that will award one grand prize and six runners up. 

A special thank you to Henry Bear's Park  and Porter Square Books who have contributed to our prizes.