Festival Programs

Olive tree charms from Spain San Fermin Festival Summer Camp
Cultured Kids Festival Programs provide a unique and fun day camp experience. Each week-long program will focuses on a specific world festival. Children learn about the culture of that region or regions through a variety of subjects and art mediums. Throughout the week they work on various projects: daily take home projects and week-long projects. We believe the combination of the two develop a healthy work ethic and opportunity for peer and self evaluation and encouragement.

All festival programs will provide a similar format that contain short morning and afternoon meetings, two large group activities, two small group activities, a short break for snack, and a longer break for lunch and recess. In some cases children are given the opportunity to re-create the festival for their friends and family at the end of the week.

Please refer to the Festival Schedule and Descriptions for detailed information about our daily schedule during the week.

If your organization/school is interested in providing a Cultured Kids Festival Program please contact the our program director:

Available Festival Programs

Although these week-long festival programs are already created and available we are happy to develop a new program that will best fit your group.