Passport Program

Our Passport Programs are a unique and exciting way to encourage children, families, and communities to explore and learn about other world cultures. These programs can be used in a variety of ways and can be manipulated to fit the needs of your organization, institution, or business.

  • Implement our Passport Program at your school! Each passport program can be created to fit an ongoing in class curriculum, can be used as an after school program, or as special guest workshops offered during school hours.
  • Make our Passport Program an option for your local library! Libraries can host a single workshop or a series of special event workshops for children and families to introduce global holiday’s (Passover, Kwanza, Chinese New Year, etc), to explore specific regions, or to introduce the concept of culture on a whole.
  • Local Churches/Religious Organizations can use this program to serve and connect with the local community! Partnering with Cultured Kids to provide a Passport Program at your local church, temple, etc. is a great way to serve and connect with the local community. We are eager to create a program that best fits your unique needs and desires. 
  • Build a family focused business that prioritizes cultural enrichment! Local businesses can bring Cultured Kids in as a special addition to any child care service offered to employees. You could invite us in to provide family focused cultural activities during annual celebrations, or to create a special event workshop series specifically designed to develop a healthy family focused work environment that embraces diversity and cultural exploration.

Our Passport Program allows children to explore a variety of different regions through the lens of the arts (visual, fine arts, architecture, music, performance, culinary, etc) while also introducing areas of science, history, and government. As children journey with us they collect stamps for their Cultured Kids Passport, are able to try food unique to regions we are “visiting”, and create take home projects that reinforce our area of exploration.

Our Passport Program curricula are always changing and growing. Cultured Kids focuses on creating unique and engaging material for children of all ages and are willing to work with each organization to fit a program to their desired need. Please contact the program director to set up a program for your organization/institution today:

A kids painting from our France summer camp monet haystack sunset

Fine Arts

The above pieces were created by seven 6-9 yr. old children after a brief lesson on color theory and French Impressionism. Children were provided materials and activities to deepen their understanding of French culture through the arts; more specifically, through Monet and his Haystacks. This is just one element available in our passport program.


Morning Meeting at Cultured Kids

History and Geography


Children are not only provided the opportunity to learn about where a specific region is located but also how their location and land characteristics can affect their culture. We explore agriculture, government, religion, natural resources, and more. Our goal is not to bombard children with facts but to present a picture that best enable them to relate to what they are learning about and to reinforce our topic through a variety of ways.

Flamence performance at Spain's San Fermin Summer Camp

Performance Art


Cultured Kids often bring in special guests to work along side children in the areas of dance, music, and theater. Though we are capable of providing a comprehensive and enjoyable curriculum for children we are not always staffed to cover these areas of expertise and believe it is important for children to have as authentic an experience as possible .


Culinary Arts


Food is the most delicious part of culture! Some programs provide the space and the time for children to be hands on in making a dish that is unique to the region they are learning about, while others allow them the chance to try a food that is brought to them by the instructor. This unique and valuable element of our programs has been a huge hit with children and something that they look forward to.

The above examples are just a few of the many that Cultured Kids has brought to our programs. We strive to provide diverse and comprehensive material that will bring about a more curious, knowledgeable, and compassionate individual. Please contact Michelle Goldshlag to schedule a meeting and discuss ways you can use this program to enhance your business or organization today!