Cultured Kids Camp Curricula

"Thank you for offering something truly unique and valuable."

                                                                                       -Orapin Gluck, Mother; Peabody Elementary School Cambridge, MA

The Curricula Will Include

Keepsake Booklet

Throughout the camp week children will work on book pages each day and are compiled into a book at the end of the week. The book can be used as a reference for them and as a tool for them to share their journey with their family and friends. 

Culinary Critiques
We encourage food explore with children! If you have the space and equipment we will provide a variety of recipes that we like to call our "culinary creations" and book pages to critique the food they are making and trying.
Daily & Week-long Projects
Our lesson plans for daily projects provide a sense of immediate satisfaction and motivation for children while our lesson plan for week-long projects encourage a strong work ethic, patience, and time management.

Some Camp Themes

Hot Air Balloon Festivals

There are hundreds of Hot Air Balloon Festivals every year. This camp experience will use these festivals as a launching point for exploration. Each day we will visit a new region and explore a new culture. Throughout the week children will learn about the history and engineering of hot air balloons and make their own paper maché hot air balloon to take home.

Samurai's and Tsunami's

These camp experiences explore Asia, and more specifically, The Ring of Fire. We explore plate tectonics, volcanos, earthquakes, and tsunami's. In addition, we use these uncontrollable natural disasters as a gateway to discussing human emotion, war, and the history and philosophy of ancient Samurai.

San Fermín Festival

While many associate the San Fermín Festival with "The Running of the Bulls" there is a lot more to this week long festival. During this camp children will be exposed to the Spanish language, create their own model rocket while also learning about the science and engineering of rockets, participate in El Struendo (The Big Roar), make their own cabezudos (big heads), and make and try foods unique to Spain.

Kite Festivals

Kite Festivals unite many regions and cultures around the world. During this week of camp we will explore a different region each day that participates in an annual Kite Festival. Children will learn about each culture through the arts, literature, history, and geography. In addition children will create and build their own kite throughout the week.

Olive Tree Charms that were made by campers during the San Fermin Festival camp. They were provided an olive taste test and learned about the history of olives and Spain's position as the leading distributor. 






Let us know how we can help you

Our week long summer camp curricula provides four hours of focused activities/lessons per day. These hours of instruction can be broken up in between snack, lunch, and/or free time throughout the day. Each camp seeks to expand children's global perspective, encourage cultural curiosity, and teach cultural empathy.

Please let us know how we can best serve you!