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Camp Programs

Our camp programs are uniquely created to explore culture through a specific world festival. Throughout the week children work on various projects (daily take home projects and week-long projects), participate in team meetings, and make and/or try food unique to the region we are exploring.

Our fun and engaging camp experience will foster a healthy work ethic, provide opportunities for peer and self evaluation and encouragement, and strengthen cultural empathy.


Specialized Curricula

Cultured Kids is focused on producing fun, interactive, and educational curricula. We enjoy working with local teachers to develop a multicultural approach to any classroom lesson or unit.

In addition, we are also happy to create lessons for community or corporate events, family functions, or religious organizations. We welcome any opportunity to develop a curriculum that fits your specific needs.

Workshops/Pop-up Workshops

Our one off workshops draw a class of children into a specific region and/or culture through an interdisciplinary lesson that could incorporate the arts, STEM fields, sports, history & governement, or geography. Each child will go home with a stamped daily exploration; an activity sheet reinforcing what they learned in class. 

Our Pop-Up workshops provide a shorter activity for a larger crowd and are best suited for community and corporate events, festivals, or open houses. 

Corporate Events

Our goal for corporate events is to help businesses and corporations build greater intercultural communication, cultural empathy, and diversity in the work place. Our Pop-up workshop can be used to compliment larger Corporate and Community events.

These workshops provide materials and activities that introduce a larger group of children/people to some aspect of another culture. Whether we are presenting Poi performers and making Poi with children to explore Maori culture or engraving potatoes as we teach children about the History of Halloween, the experience is both fun and educational.

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