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Our camp curricula are uniquely created to explore culture through a specific world festival. Throughout the week children work on various projects (daily take home projects and week-long projects), participate in team meetings, and make and/or try food unique to the region we are exploring.

This fun and engaging camp experience will foster a healthy work ethic, provide opportunities for peer and self evaluation and encouragement, and strengthen cultural empathy and understanding.

Workshops/Pop-up Workshops

Our one off workshops can provide a one-hour or three-hour lesson plan that will draw children into one specific region and/or culture through an interdisciplinary lesson that could incorporate the arts, STEM fields, sports, history & government, or geography. 

If you would like us to come to you for a community or corporate event, community festival, or open houses please call or email to schedule a Pop-Up workshop that will provide a shorter activity/lesson for a larger crowd.

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