Mission Statement

Cultured Kids is a non-profit organization that promotes international peace, cultural empathy, and global cooperation through education, social research, and public health initiatives for developing regions.

Cultured Kids has three main objectives:

  • To develop and provide interdisciplinary and multicultural programs (workshops, cultural events, after school programs, camps) and curricula for local schools and communities that teach children and adults about world cultures, provide children a global perspective at an early age, and encourage humanitarianism.
  • To research the social and behavioral effects attributed to (Adult) Cross Cultural Kids [(A)CCK] and to develop programs to support this overlooked and growing population.
  • To provide consulting services (grant writing, advocacy, service teams, fundraising, communications, etc) to less established organizations overseas which are implementing public health initiatives in developing communities.

Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded ~Habakkuk 1:5

Please join us in our efforts to make lasting change in this world through these programs that will help to tear down walls of division and build bridges instead.