Throughout my college years as a double major in Fine Arts and Spanish with a minor in Art History at the University of Massachusetts, I was always drawn toward education but lacked the desire to pursue a career in a structured educational setting. Instead, I was eager to develop my own curriculum without feeling stifled by the confines of an institution. By the time I graduated in 2002, I was working five part-time jobs that were all focused on childcare and education.

Shortly thereafter, I was challenged and blessed with a full-time managerial position at a local veterinary clinic. Though this could be seen as a step in the wrong direction, I believe it gave me the necessary organizational and administrative skills that would one day be instrumental to sustaining my own business. During my five years at the clinic, I was married and eventually cut back on hours to pursue my dream of teaching and subsequently created a business that provided one-on-one art instruction to children. The curriculum created was specifically designed to fit their individual needs and interests so their love of art was nurtured and heightened.

At the time, the business did not have a chance to grow as I had hoped because we became pregnant and had our first child in 2008. I joyfully released my professional interests to focus on mothering Maris, and eventually, her brother Hagen, born in 2011. I have been so challenged and thankful for my time at home as it has grown me beyond measure. With that said, I am very thankful for this new season of life when I can step outside my comfort zone and pursue this dream of education that God put in my heart many years ago, this time creating curriculum that goes beyond the arts and world borders.

As a mother, I have often thought about how I can bring the communities and cultures around the world to my children since we don’t have the financial or mental capacity at this stage to bring them to the world. In my pursuit of such a product, I was underwhelmed and decided to create my own product. This is how¬†Cultured Kids was born! Jonah (my husband) and I co-founded Cultured Kids and launched in the Spring of 2015.

At this time we had two children, he was a full-time MBA student at BC, and I left a paid position to start Cultured Kids. While it was a huge risk we felt strongly that God had a plan for us and for this organization. We believed that He would provide us all we needed to accomplish what was set before us and that our programs would bring lasting change. We still believe this today.

We look forward to growing along side all those we serve who are in pursuit of increased exposure and appreciation for other cultures. There is no doubt I will learn as much from all of you and your children as you will learn from me.