Our Story

Michelle and Jonah Goldshlag are parents who want their children to discover the world and learn from the richness of the globally diverse cultures. However, at a time when they couldn't afford to travel they decided to search for local classes providing a multicultural environment with hand on experiences. Unfortunately, they could not find what they were looking for. Consequently, Michelle Goldshlag started developing her own interdisciplinary and multicultural education programs for her children while her husband Jonah began his MBA program at Boston College.

Then, in 2015 Michelle and Jonah founded Cultured Kids as a non-profit organization in Medford, MA. Their desire was for all children to take advantage of their uniquely designed programs in order to develop a global perspective and cultural empathy. The Greater Boston Area provided them a rich ethnically and culturally diverse part of the world to launch their programs.  Most noteworthy, has been the positive responses from participating families and partners. Through this feedback they have confirmed their initial suspicion; they are not only fulfilling a desire of theirs, but more importantly, that they are fulfilling a great societal need.

Finally, our founders recognize that the organizations grand and lasting impact will only come with a team of devoted and passionate individuals. They are so thankful for the professionals who volunteer their time to help refine and strengthen Cultured Kids. They look forward to continued growth within the organization, continued service in the Greater Boston Area, and the ability to serve local schools nationally. 

Our Board of Directors

We are a diverse community of parents, educators, and professionals all working towards a common goal: to create lasting change in our classrooms.

Michelle Goldshlag 

Michelle is co-founder and Executive Director for Cultured Kids. She has undergraduate degrees in Art and Spanish from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her entrepreneurial spirit inspired two previous business ventures - developing interdisciplinary art lessons and event planning and catering - have contributed to the creativity and success of Cultured Kids. Her role as a mother and two decades of work with children have supported the growth and development of Cultured Kids as well. 

Jonah Goldshlag

Jonah is co-founder of Cultured Kids and is serving as Vice President of the Board. Jonah has an undergraduate degree in Sports Management from Springfield College and an MBA from Boston College. While his current profession as a consultant for Deloitte in Rosslyn, VA takes up the majority of his time, he is determined to use his strong knowledge of business to serve Cultured Kids. 

Rachel Vaughn Coaxum - Board Clerk

Rachel holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Harvard University with a focus on child and adolescent mental health. Her interests include the implementation and evaluation of interventions for youth psychological disorders, and examining how social and cultural context influences the effectiveness of these psychological interventions. Her training background in testing the effectiveness of clinical interventions in community-based service settings supports our Research & Development Committee. She is currently working as a postdoctoral fellow in clinical research, and she brings to our organization her passion for evaluating and refining multi-disciplinary programming to enhance youth outcomes.

Justin Coaxum 

Justin has a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Marketing from the University of Central Missouri. He Technology Solutions Professional for Microsoft in the Pittsburg, PA area. His professional expertise, creativity, passion for increased cultural education, and heart for service are all factors that contribute to the growth and development of Cultured Kids. His strong leadership skills, energy, and problem solving tactics help to strengthen the foundation of our organization. 

Christine Blinn 

Christine is an accomplished marketing professional with over ten years experience. She is currently working as the digital marketing manager for ZOLL Medical Corporation. While her professional knowledge and expertise will contribute to the growth and development of our website and social media platforms, her life experiences as a wife and mother are what drive her passion for change.

Kiran Nataraj

Kiran is an innovative sales leader with research domain expertise, knowledge of solution based sales strategies, and relationship management skills to maximize revenue and business growth. Kiran is also passionate about developing a unique approach to support personal and community development in our current and future classrooms. He will marry these two facets to enhance our fundraising platforms.

Elzan Godlewski

Elzan is currently working as a Business Analyst for State Street in Boston, MA. Her time with State Street has focused on strategic corporate-wide initiatives. Elzan uses this skill set to support our Strategic Planning Committee, but she has also risen above this skill set to serve as our Interim CFO. Overall, it is Elzan's lively personality, ambitious and disciplined nature, and passion for change that provide the greatest contribution.

Judit Slezak

Judit is an accomplished senior business and marketing executive with more than 15 years of experience. She is currently working as the Managing Director of Marketing and Integrated Services for ASCD. Judit has an undergraduate degree in German and Russian studies from Juhasz Gyula College in Hungary and an MBA from Virginia Tech. Judit's incredible ability to build and sustain strong relationships has contributed to her role as head of our Board Development Committee and she also supports the Communication and Marketing team.

Craig Perrier

Craig Perrier is the High School Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction Specialist for Fairfax County Public Schools in Fairfax, VA. He is also an an online adjunct professor for Framingham State University and the teacher certification program Educate VA .  Previously, he taught at American Schools in Brazil for six years and for six years in public schools in Massachusetts. Craig offers a unique connection to both areas we are currently serving: Boston and NOVA/DC. His diverse experience, knowledge, and experiences will help us build a strong foundation with clear and realistic milestones for development.



Available Internships

We are always looking for self motivated individuals who are passionate about our mission to support our team as unpaid interns in a variety of fields. We are happy to work with colleges and university's to secure school credit. Interested applicants please submit a resume, cover letter, and references to:

Web Development/Software Engineers

We need to prepare our site for our Kids Fund Kids program that we will be launching in fall of 2018, have a couple of apps we would like to create, and would like to increase our SEO.  

Non-Profit Management/Operations

As a young and emerging organization we are transitioning into a higher work load that is not in direct proportion with our funding. We are looking for detail oriented individuals who are interested in helping us streamline our operations and prepare for expansion.

Fundraising/Grant Writing

We are looking for team members who are passionate about our mission, are outgoing, and who have experience in fundraising and/or grant writing fields. We have just secured a 20K grant from one funder in Dorchester, MA but are working toward an annual 1 million dollar goal to fully support our vision in the Greater Boston Area.

Program/Curricula Development

We are eager to expand our programs, our network, and our partners. Any individuals with experience in education, education administration, curriculum development, and/or cultural studies please apply.