Cultured Kids encourages children, families, and communities to look beyond their borders and gain knowledge and understanding of the numerous ethnicities and cultures that exist around the world. We believe that a cultural education is paramount to developing world leaders and world changers.

Cultured Kids focuses on creating Interdisciplinary/Cross-Curricular programs that provide factual and historical information through a variety of artistic and academic means. Our goal is to deepen each individual’s curiosity for the world in all areas of academia.

Cultured Kids is a non-profit organization that offers Summer Festival Programs (week-long camp programs), workshops created to fit within a 1 or 3 hour time slot, Passport Programs that provide a series of workshops for any given group or organization, Cultural Events, International World’s Fair Programs and Events, Specialized Curriculum Development, and envision providing an agricultural program called Agri-Cultured Kids for middle school and high school students.

Lastly, Cultured Kids has a massive vision and a never say die attitude. We are a little fish in two giant ponds (Greater Boston and DC Metro areas) and need your help. Please considner donating to our 501(c)3 organization today. You can donate in three ways:

Aside from your donation you could also “Like” us on Facebook, sign up to receive our monthly newsletter, or support us through volunteer work or networking. Please contact Michelle Goldshlag with any questions or comments: michelle@culturedkids.org