Podcasts, Publications, and Public Speakers


Podcasts, Publications, and Public Speakers

Recharge and reimagine school while you are on summer break!

The following recommendations are from my large "go-to" database of resources that have helped to share me as a mother, wife, business owner, and educator. I hope you enjoy them!


Education Podcast NetworkThe Education Podcast Network (EPN), founded in 2015 by Christopher Nesi, is a great place to start (or enhance) your edupodcast journey. The provided list of podcasts are just a few examples available through EPN that I listen to. While they have a TON of wonderful podcasts, my favorite thing about EPN is how their educators all support each other. They embrace the "team" aspect of education, freely share ideas, knowledge, or resources.

Burned-In Teacher founder Amber Harper is a former teacher who is now helping teachers through burn-out. She has a great Summer Self Care Series that will provide strategies to work through burn-out and prepare for next year.

Cult of Pedagogy Podcast by Jennifer Gonzalez is fantastic! The host is so clear, very informative, and has a great sense of humor.

Better Leaders Better Schools with Danny "Sunshine" Bauer is my favorite! Danny has some incredible superpowers that are obvious as a regular listener. He is an encourager, he is a connector, and he is a giver. He, along with others I routinely listen to on the EPN, strive to support one another to build up education and educators from the outside in.


Every one of the hosts and podcasts provided above share books that can support your educator journey. I love reading and there is NEVER enough time in the day for all I would like to learn. My ever present challenge is to set learning aside long enough to spend intentional and deliberate time with my family. Here are a couple books I have read and would recommend checking out this summer.

Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Amongst Worlds Co-authors: Ruth Van Reken, David C. Pollock, andThird Culture Kids Michael V. Pollock collaborate to bring lifetimes' of experience together in this informative book about growing up cross-culturally. This is a must read for any educator or administrator who is working within a diverse multicultural community. If you are interested in reading this along side others take a look at our upcoming mastermind.


A couple of my favorite TED talks (which I will share later) have come from Sir Ken Robinson, PhD. Aside Creative Schoolsfrom being one of the most influential voices in education he is super fun to listen to (love the British accent)! He and Lou Aronica teamed up to provide us: Creative Schools. This is definitely a book for those educators that believe that change is possible and that they can be a part of it.


TED Talks

As promised my recommended TED talks include Sir Ken Robinson. However, there are a couple other names in there as well.

The Danger Of A Single Story; WOW! During this Ted Talk, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie shares the danger of believing in a single story. I could not listen to this talk without imagining the "single stories" our children are presented about history, throughout their classroom or school libraries, or each other. There is so much complexity in each of our lives and the longer we accept "single stories" or impress them upon our children the more difficult it will be to unify our classrooms, communities, and the world.

Every School Needs A Champion -  Rita F. Pierson, who delivers this talk, passed away shortly thereafter. She had such a depth of experience and passion for children. During this talk she shares the ugly truths that we all know exist and provides joyful and radical ways to combat them. She makes me want to be a champion! Though she is gone, her legacy lives on.

How To Escape Education's Death Valley is provided by Sir Ken Robinson. He reminds us that the U.S. system of education is not dead but dormant. If enough people care about making a difference they can start a movement and that movement can lead to a revolution. I would recommend his other TED talks as well.


I could go on about additional books, podcasts, and speakers because this is something I am passionate about. What are you passionate about? Who's work about education excites you? What are you eager to support, transform, or escape from? Where are you seeing areas of growth in your classroom, school, community? What are some opportunities for change?

If you are eager to share your experiences, we want to listen! Your stories help to equip our team and refine our work. Message us to schedule an in person meeting with our Co-founder/CEO in Boston or Northern VA. If you are not local to these areas, let's schedule a call.