Mastermind – Cross Cultural Kids

Mastermind - Cross Cultural Kids

I am excited to announce a new opportunity for educators, parents, and professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge and understanding of Cross Cultural Kids (CCKs). This August we will start our first ever Mastermind focused on CCKs. The Mastermind will run through the end of the calendar year and meet weekly for one hour. For the sake of developing a healthy and close-knit community, the group will be limited to five additional members.

Mastermind - Cross Cultural Kids
Third Culture Kids: Growing up Amongst Worlds

Mastermind members can and should come from a variety of professional backgrounds.  Members could include educators or administrators looking to provide increased support to their global classrooms or schools.  We welcome parents who want to support children who are being raised cross-culturally or adult CCKs who are looking for the accountability and support of a group. Anyone who is advocating or providing for CCKs in some way should feel free to reach out.

As a group we will work through Third Cultured Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, Co-authored by Ruth Van RekenDavid C. Pollock, and Michael V. Pollock. We will participate in guided discussion and periodically welcome subject matter experts to our meetings for interviews. This component will provide deeper knowledge and understanding on various topics.

The Mastermind experience should not be taken lightly. The expectation is that all members will work to create a healthy and supportive partnership with the other members of the group. While our topic will be on CCKs we will also be focused on building a Culture of Trust amongst the group. This culture is something Cultured Kids strives to create on its board, within the organization, and with any external partners.

Mastermind Guest

Mastermind - Cross Cultural Kids
Ruth Ven Reken

Aside from co-authoring Third Cultured Kids: Growing up Among Worlds, Ruth Ven Reken is Co-founder of Families in Global Transition (FIGT). FIGT's mission is to provide "a welcoming forum for globally mobile individuals, families, and those working with them." They also "promote cross-sector connections for sharing research and developing best practices that support the growth, success and well-being of people crossing cultures around the world." 

I have seen FIGT's mission exemplified in my life and in the life of our organization first hand. Ruth, along with many other FIGT members, have been invaluable assets to Cultured Kids' growth and development. It is through this incredible community of researchers, educators, corporate professionals, psychologists, authors, parents, etc. that we are better able to support students growing up cross-culturally, their schools, and their families.

Ruth has agreed to join us for one of our meetings. Aside from the lived experience she brings to the table, growing up as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) herself, she has also raised her own TCKs. Ruth has worked alongside schools and professionals globally and has seen the benefit of perseverance and commitment.

If you are interested in being a part of this Mastermind please share your connection to this topic and level of interest below.

Mastermind - CCKs