Hot Air Balloon Camp Curriculum

Hot Air Balloon Festival Camp Curriculum


Hot Air Balloon Camp Curriculum
Four learning blocks for HAB Camp Curriculum

We recently finished a PreK - Grade 1 Hot Air Balloon Camp Curriculum that provides an interdisciplinary approach to exploration in five global regions: U.S., Japan, France, Kenya, and India. We are looking for educators, parents, or community organizations to partner with us to implement our curriculum and provide guided feedback.

Our Hot Air Balloon Camp Curricula use a universally known object (hot air balloons) as a launching point for cultural exploration. The regions selected for exploration have existing, often annual, hot air balloon festivals. By design, our Hot Air Balloon Camp Curricula provide opportunities for students to see commonalities amongst places and people globally.

Anchored around literature, the structure of the preschool - grade 1 camp curriculum involves four 1-hour blocks per day. The time blocks invite children to think about geography, culture, art, and more. Although the time blocks are designed to be implemented as a week-long camp experience, they are flexible and could be implemented slowly over a longer period of time. There is flow between the time blocks and consistency among the time blocks. However, educators can pick and choose learning blocks based on what will best serve their community of learners and personal objectives.

The provided materials encourage a safe environment that allows children to examine and share their own cultural heritage in parallel with exploration. Through lessons that engage and grow children's empathy and their place in our global neighborhood, you will consider questions like:

  • Who are my neighbors?
  • Whose neighbor am I?
  • What does it mean to be a neighbor?
Hot Air Balloon Camp Curriculum
Atlas Activity Book Page

Along with the lessons, materials lists, book list, and additional resource list, educators will receive our Atlas Activity Book to use with their class. Our Atlas Activity Book is one of the week-long projects presented in the curriculum. Each day students will be given pages that relate to the region/culture they are exploring. This atlas helps to reinforce their learning, provides parents a window into their child's day, and will support continued exploration at home.

For more developed readers and writers we have also included an Adventure Book. This resource provides students a writing prompt unique to the culture/region explored and encourages them to create connections.

We hope that students will be engaged in the creative opportunities provided to them throughout the curriculum but especially by the books the curriculum is anchored around. We have seen the power that literature can have in a child’s life when provided a reflection of themselves or a window opened to a new perspective. Considering this, it would be paramount that those interested in partnering with us would use our provided book choices. This would mean having the time needed to find the literature at your local library or having the resources to purchase them.

If you are interested in working with us please fill out the contact form below and we will get in touch to schedule a phone call. Once we have established a mutual commitment to this work we will give you the created materials and provide support to your team along the way.