Bonabana Magret and Karungi Priscah

Below is a picture of two widows that have been impacted by the work that Foster Initiatives for Community Development (FIFCODE) is doing on a daily basis. They are preparing the land after being trained on planting in rows.

Two FIFCODE members plant cassava garden after trained on planting lines

Bonabana Magret

Bonabana Magret (Left) has 7 children and lives on less than 0.25 acres of land. Most of her land has been sold to raise money to send her children to school. Despite these efforts her oldest daughter (16 years old) is the only one to have made it to secondary school. Bonabana has 4 other children who are in and out of school depending on whether she can afford to pay the fees. Aside from the lack of schooling the inconsistency in their lives is a challenge. This constant struggle has led her oldest son (19 years old) to drop out of school, feeling too old to go back to primary school even if the financial resources were there. He is one of the children that could benefit from the vocational program that FIFCODE would like to implement.

After joining FIFCODE in 2015, Bonabana had access to an interest free loan for her children’s school fees and medication. She was a recipient of one of the young pigs from the Joint Pig Project. The FIFCODE community has also brought healthy and supportive friendships for Bonabana and her children They have fostered a supportive and healthy environment that allow families to share each other’s worries and burdens. She is constantly learning how to get the best out of the resources that she has and constantly improving her farming methods which contribute to a healthier and more promising life style for her whole family.
Karungi Priscah
Karungi Priscah (Right) has 5 children. She has been married twice and both husbands have died. In this type of society marriage is a necessity for women and children to survive. Without a husband families are expected to collapse, often characterized as, “a home without the middle supporting pole”. FIFCODE is fervently fighting this stereotype, building up women through training, responsibility, hope, and resources.
Karugi lives on about a half an acre of land. Her oldest daughter is 16 years old and her youngest child is seven years old. She has survived by selling bananas despite the adversity she faces daily. As a woman, she is not permitted to take her bananas to the market. Being confined to sell her fruit from the farm alone reduces the prices she can sell them for and the number she is able to sell.
FIFCODE offered an opportunity for her to network and provided her a friend in who buys her bananas at a better price to sell on his own. Although she would prefer taking the bananas to the market herself, she is thankful for the connection and the increase in pay that this connection has provided.
Karungi was also given a young pig from the Joint Pig Project. She plans to sell her male pig in order to buy a female pig and focus on breeding. Karungi was also provided an interest free loan that she used to start a small business with the limited land and resources that she has. She is now able to afford the fees required for her children to go to school and is able to put healthy food on the table.
Bonabana and Karungi are just two of the 16 women that are currently being impacted by FIFCODE. The number of women involved has doubled since they started and continues to grow. Between all 16 women there are nearly 50 children who are also benefiting from their commitment to communitiy development. One child (pictured below) was nearby as Karungi and Bonabana were planting.
boy in garden
FIFCODE is providing a way for the women and children they serve to defy the odds. Their community development initiatives are empowering and equipping single mothers to not only survive but to thrive! Cultured Kids is supporting FIFCODE, support our efforts and make a donation today via our on-line campaign or through PayPal link below.