FIFCODE Joint Pig Project

The joint pig project is another effort started by FIFCODE (Foster Initiatives for Community Development) through Peregia’s initiation. This project provided a group of women a mother pig. The pig, soon there after, produced 13 young piglets. Three of the 13 piglets were sold to buy feed for the mother pig and the 10 remaining piglets.


Once the piglets were old enough to be separated from their mother (6 months old), they were dispersed amongst the widows to manage on their own. Below is a picture of Thaddeo passing out piglets to some of the widows.

Thaddeo helping fetch pigs

In time each woman will make a decision about whether to sell their pig or use it for breeding. Peregia (second from the left below) is standing with some of the women FIFCODE is currently serving.

Peregia with widows at pig project

The Joint Pig Project and the Agricultural project are just two of the initiatives FIFCODE is currently providing to alleviate the the numerous side affects that have been caused by the loss of men in the community. FIFCODE is currently providing or plans to provide many other initiatives as well:

– Implement a vocational skills initiative for youth

– Support widows in providing the necessary schooling for children

– Provide resources needed for members of FIFCODE that are special needs individuals

– Expand health care provisions for widows and children affected by HIV/AIDS

If you are interested in joining our efforts to support FIFCODE please visit our fundraising campaign today or donate through PayPal with the link below.