Patiently Persevering

I am a BIG vision person. The term, "Go big or go home!" was engrained in my brain as a child athlete. Aside from this, I am characteristically ambitious, idealistic, and have a need to create.

However; after marrying a practical thinker, having two children, and starting this non-profit, I have learned a lot about patience, streamlining, and taking baby steps to make my dream a reality.

This past Christmas I received an amazing and unexpected gift from a friend. It was a bracelet with a couple charms. One charm held a tiny mustard seed, and the other a word that said "Faith". This gift reminded me of two things: life always starts small and everything needs to be cultivated, pruned, and nourished, in order to reach the harvest.

This mustard field is a metaphor for what I want to establish with Cultured Kids. Though I am extremely happy with where we have come and where we are going, there is so much more in store.

As part of the growing process, I must always remain open to change. I have to accept the natural progression of this organization and allow it to take form without manipulating it to fit my expectations.

For example, we have recently had area churches, Community Education organizations, and schools contact us to provide programs for them rather than securing space and marketing our own programs. This shift was unintentional but has been amazing! Not only has it brought more flexibility and stability to the organization, but it has enabled us to reach more children and families.

In the future, our staff and board of directors will put more attention into building relationships with established organizations interested in providing their own Cultured Kids Programs, while also looking for opportunities to provide our own programs. We will embrace our current status as a seedling just starting to take root and continue in faith, patience, and perseverance toward our goal; to secure our own space that will serve as a cultural hub to the surrounding community, to become a Nationally known organization, and to make a global impact.